TODAY   |  December 11, 2013

LinkedIn reveals most overused words

The TODAY anchors talk about the most overused words on LinkedIn, which include “creative,” “responsible,” and “patient,” and Al talks about how annoying he finds the constant email invites he gets for the network.

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>> how often do you guys check your linked in profiles?

>> i never do. i don't have one.

>> that's why i put that out there and i want people to stop asking me to join them on linked in. i already know you. i will call you. leave me alone .

>> i'm not on linked in. why do i get e-mails asking me to join it.

>> it's a professional networking site.

>> it takes over your contact book and sends these annoying e-mails.

>> the reason we bring it up is linked in compiled a list of the most overused words and phrases.

>> linked in is overused.

>> there you go. but the top five most commonly used words, patient, effective, creative, strategic and number one being responsible.

>> and another one, really annoying. oh, i'm sorry. that's two.

>> yeah, apparently not.

>> i have two words for you linked in.

>> hey, if you're in the job market it's highly effective.

>> you saw midnight run you know the joke.

>> it's a great networking site but it can be annoying when people solicit you.