TODAY   |  December 11, 2013

James Roday and Dulé Hill talk ‘Psych’ musical

The stars of the popular show chat on the TODAY plaza about a special episode that will have the duo singing and dancing.

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>> you.

>> thank you.

>> for those that don't know you're doing this long awaited musical. this is not a musical show on a normal night, correct.

>> no.

>> so tell us about the musical? why did you guy tries to do it?

>> we wanted to do it since the very beginning. it took a long time to write all the songs and find our courage. thank you for granting our request to sing after mariah carey .

>> can we hear a little something?

>> yeah, we prepared 1-half of one bar. [ singing ] but i'd come clean if i only could

>> it's like psych visits les mis . it's fantastic. that's great.

>> exactly.

>> this happens when?

>> sunday night, usa network .

>> i went to your dressing room and stole all of your hello kitty .

>> there's more where that came from. thank you very much.