TODAY   |  December 11, 2013

Try Ina Garten’s no-fry fried chicken recipe

Ina Garten is in the TODAY Kitchen with a few comfort food recipes with a twist, including an alternative fried chicken recipe.

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>>> we're back with today's holiday kitchen. ina garten is serving up two classics with a holiday twist perfect. they're from her book cook barefoot contessa , full proof rescues you can trust. happy holidays . always good to have you here. foolproof, the way you define it is these are satisfying dishes and in many cases you can make an advance.

>> and you can buy every ingredient and make a simple meal. it's great.

>> you're going to make a healthier version of fried chicken . it's my all time favorite comfort food .

>> what are we doing different?

>> i have chicken to salt and pepper really simply like that and then i make a crumb crust.

>> why do you like it?

>> it's great. it's japanese bread flakes and it gives a nice krispy crust. so we need lots of flavor.

>> garlic.

>> garlic, thyme, salt and pepper right in there. i'm going to puree it.

>> okay.

>> and then the panko crumbs and lots of flavor.

>> help me out.

>> you're doing great. you don't need help at all. a little olive oil and butter.

>> melted butter.

>> and lemon zest . that gives it a lot of flavor.

>> but it's a dry consistency for the most part.

>> it's dry like this. that's the first one.

>> what i have done is mixed mustard and white wine .

>> a lot of time at this stage you do an egg dip. this gives it much more flavor. dip it in and dip it in the crumbs and put it on a baking sheet. that's really easy.

>> so it's the no fried fried chicken . how long would that cook?

>> 350 degrees for 40 minutes. give it a little more heat for 10 minutes and it's crisp on the outside and that lemon and garlic and thyme is great.

>> i'm going to try that for a second. you like to serve this for the holidays in a great gatherring and version of bread pudding .

>> i like to make a bread pudding .

>> do you switch it out on thanksgiving?

>> always. i find stuffing is too moist and you to overcook the turkey. this one i start out with the custard which is egg yolks , cream and chicken stock and then i have bread crumbs that really absorb the flavors and i add cheese. that makes everything better.

>> exactly.

>> and then what i do is i cook some panko.

>> panchetta.

>> right.

>> if that's panko then what is this over here?

>> and leeks and mushrooms.

>> i like leeks. i think they're undervalued.

>> i agree. it's a softer onion flavor. that's why the french use them a lot.

>> mushrooms.

>> that's a lot of mushrooms.

>> it is but it cooks down. it's like spinach.

>> after sauteing that how long until it looks like this?

>> 10 or 15 minutes and it looks like this and then what you do is you put everything together in this big bowl. just mix it together and i'll pour all of this right into it. doesn't that smell great.

>> yes. it does.

>> it has leeks, mushrooms, and pan chr panchetta.

>> and you're double dipping. more cheese on top.

>> i do too. i love that look.

>> i know. and then you pour it into a big dish and it cooks at the same temperature as the chicken so you can put them both in the same.

>> because it's bread pudding are we serving this at room temperature ?

>> it can be warm but hot is period better.

>> i'm going to get invaded in a minute. i'm going to get my taste in before anyone else.

>> it's crisp on the top. is that good? it's not horrible?

>> that is ridiculously good. it's always good to have you here. by the way, you can check out more recipes on up next, olympic