TODAY   |  December 11, 2013

Ylvis talks going viral, new children’s book

The Norwegian duo behind the viral song “What Does the Fox Say” talks to TODAY’s Savannah Guthrie about adjusting to sudden fame and their new children’s book.

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>> right now we do have a world exclusive. guys, good morning. it's good to see you again.

>> thank you.

>> we're here for the prize.

>> are you disappointed that you didn't get orangey this year.

>> maybe someone would cheat or something? you could probably buy off willie.

>> yeah.

>> do you know how much it costs?

>> no. i don't. in fact, these guys came by it honestly. you were very, very close i have to say. i should mention by the way, you two announced that you are the top trending video of 2013 .

>> we wanted this one.

>> everybody does. what does the fox say is now a children's book. that's brilliant.

>> it actually was before we posted the video on youtube.

>> so the book came before the video.

>> yeah, because of the whole thing with this video we wanted to be like a project we figured it would be extremely fun to have a really well made or well produced merchandise or video that was unsuccessful. so we started the whole project and then --

>> it's a nice book, though.

>> it's a really nice book.

>> it's essentially the song lyrics with great illustrations. kids will love it.

>> yeah, hopefully.

>> so how's it going? what's been the most exciting or strange part of this whole phenomenon?

>> there are many moments to pick from but we have been to like -- you know asia is always kind of fun they say and it was for us as well. and the "today" show.

>> sudden he we got an award in asia.

>> what was the award.

>> which we didn't plan on.

>> we're doing a spoof on the pop culture but some places they're actually starting to treat us as if we were pop stars which is really strange. they made us --

>> yeah, my favorite part of the trip was when the guy who was our sort of -- he was responsible for our wellbeing and he went over to my brother and he was like please smell the cars.

>> smell the cars?

>> because he complained a little bit.

>> i just complained once because it was a really horrible smell. like a dead dog . like a rat. and i said, you know, do you think could we have like a car with less of a dead dog smell? and from that point on and can you please smell all the cars.

>> yeah. bowing like this.

>> does bart have that diva part of him?

>> i'm getting there.

>> he has this extra thing.

>> i want hot chocolate and he said i'm going to have a -- and then he just had to bring up the paper and pen --

>> a lot of specifications.

>> yeah.

>> still working on the cleavage stuff.

>> well, we love to have you here. thank you for coming by.

>> thank you for having us.

>> keep us posted on all your projects. we want to remind everybody about the book. what does the fox say?