TODAY   |  December 11, 2013

Viral video dances to the top on TODAY

11-year-old Antwain Alexander and Shannon Sails, who won hearts with their dance moves at a recent Detroit Pistons game, have a dance-off rematch to celebrate their win in the “digital dance-off” category for the first ever Orange Room Awards.

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>> the winner of the orange room award for best digital dance off is -- mr. roker, the envelope please. here it comes.

>> usher and kid dance off. antone alexander. and there they go. [ music playing ] [ music playing ]

>> yeah. you guys are incredible. congratulations. let me give you the trophy here. congrats. come on in. come on in. we have the one trophy because i want to ask between the two of you. we saw the dance off, we saw the video. who is the better of the two dancers?

>> well, personally the video was great and everything but i'd like to give it to antoine.

>> but i think he should have it.

>> no, there's a reason. i want you to hold it for a reason.

>> take it.

>> take it.

>> because you being 11 years old, your family did real good with you. you're an inspiration to me and all kids your age as well as the adults. i admire you. so you make the city of flint and your hometown and detroit look good. people around the world admire you. i know i do. so thank you.

>> what a beautiful gesture.

>> he deserves it.

>> thank you.

>> that's incredible. they're disappointed. they're not taking this very well.

>> i'm sorry.

>> but there's not much you can do about this guys.

>> that's right, willie.