TODAY   |  December 11, 2013

Mariah Carey brings TODAY home for the holidays

The singing superstar opens her home to TODAY’s Tamron Hall and talks about how she spent the holidays growing up and the story behind her classic Christmas theme, “All I Want For Christmas Is You.”

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>> is always trending during this christmas season . that song and mariah carey and tamron has moved into mariah 's house in new york city this morning. good morning again and can we say good morning mariah .

>> good morning.

>> good morning.

>> i wish i could move in. we are so happy that you opened your doors. this room, guys, this is mariah 's pink room. we were just talking it's so personal for you.

>> it is.

>> this is your family room .

>> and yet nobody is ever really in here because it's really for things, sort of archives and photographs and things that i have had and kept, actually my dad's mom saved pictures and mother saved pictures and there's personal items in here special to me. so the kids don't know this room exists yet.

>> the babies don't know about the room.

>> can't have the babies in the room here yet.

>> this room is not for kids.

>> no.

>> it is to be cherished and family certainly transitions us to the holidays and christmas and 12 days of christmas with you. it is so special and i know that because you're a mom now. i saw the pictures.

>> i am a mommy.

>> the first picture for them babies.

>> the first christmas .

>> in their little winter ensembles. is singing part of a family tradition ?

>> an adaptation. i can't say that it's like the carey family thing since forever. my dad skied a little bit. but i'm not a skier. i had an accident and dislocated my shoulder this year. i down played it but i'm still recovering. so i'll be there with them.

>> on the bunny slopes.

>> yeah. but we won't be doing the black diamond situation.

>> i'm too afraid to ski.

>> i like going around places like that, yes.

>> this glamour, this house, it is surreal but you came from humble backgrounds. everything you have you worked hard for and you earned and there are pictures of you as a little kid. guys, i want to show this quickly. this is little mariah .

>> me with santa .

>> you weren't crying.

>> you can see my diaper hanging down there. that's not very cute. i don't know the situation.

>> the santa i know, this must have been him on an off day because he's not very happy. i think my brother punched santa in the face when he was little . we have been through a lot together. santa and i.

>> yes, you have.

>> but my baby girl , she thinks that's her. she goes that's row row.

>> that's sweet.

>> and that's when we look the most alike. otherwise it's me and rock. that's my twin.

>> when we think of mariah we think of a song 20 years ago which i can't believe is 20 years.

>> my mom named me after they call the wind mariah . and i was like what is this song?

>> and your mother is a singer. everyone raves about her beautiful voice.

>> she's on my album we did a d duet together.

>> i'm a cole on my father's side. natalie and i had this discussion. we talked about it oprah's legend's weekend.

>> tell me the song all i want for christmas is you. i heard or they told me, you wrote this song with a casio. i don't even know if they make them anymore.

>> i don't know what it was. it was a little keyboard that i had in this room, upstate new york . it was more about i just said there was an idea from the label, the record label to do a christmas album and i said don't people like do that toward the end. not like around their first or second album? that's something new and interesting. and i was like but i do love christmas so much i think it would be a great project. we decorated the studio in july but the first song i wrote was all i want for christmas is you. i thought of everything i would have wanted as a child. singing has been my saving grace but christmas and singing even as difficult time as a kid. everybody did the best they could, those moments got me through. so i wanted to make the most festive song that would always make people happy.

>> well, here's the deal. mariah is injured. so we're going to navigate something here.

>> thank you for tolerating my ensemble with the robe.

>> it's your house.

>> i would have provided you with one as well.

>> we don't want to be in the tabloids. we're going to show this video of mariah 's tree while we make the diva move to the tree. take the video. we're moving and we don't have time for wardrobe malfunctions.

>> what's going on.

>> tell me a little bit about your tree here. i'm going to help you up.

>> i'm good.

>> so this is one of mariah 's trees as she puts on her --

>> my slippers.

>> that should be on everyone's christmas list.

>> they should be if they're still making them.

>> okay. tell me about the tree here.

>> i think you captured some pictures during the break earlier where i'm sorry. and this is live flowers you can smell them.

>> they are beautiful.

>> and some beautiful -- i have to thank them for sending beautiful flowers. they didn't send these for free. and they did them because it matches the room. the world famous decorator did this place. this is the only piece i have left for my house in bedford.

>> do you let rock and roll get in?

>> we do that in aspen. this is the first year they understand christmas in a way. they understand santa claus and all of that and loved watching the christmas tree lighting the other day. we'll have a great time. nick loves to dress up and wake us up at 6:00 a.m . banging pots and pans. it's not fun. i'm begging him to not do that this year.

>> thank you so much for letting us in your home.

>> thank you for coming.

>> you invited me to breakfast but i'm going to be the rude guest, savannah, wait for it, wait for it, mariah for christmas , all i would want -- i'm not proposing to you.

>> i'm just waiting.

>> how close can i get to the closet before the end of the show ?

>> that's a different show.

>> can i show one mariah shoe.

>> we can show it again.

>> no, you can see another shoe. do you want to go grab a shoe? someone grab me a shoe please.

>> coming up, mariah is going to let me show something from the closet.

>> we're showing something from the closet. an appropriate ensemble. it won't be too much for the morning.

>> she was trying to put them on earlier from upstairs.

>> what is in the coffee.

>> good clean fun it's christmas .

>> ladies, we'll have whatever you're having.

>> tamron just has way too much fun over there.

>> meanwhile the guys are saying merry christmas to us.

>> willie wears that robe every morning in the orange room .

>> coming up, a classic holiday with the barefoot contessa touch.