TODAY   |  December 11, 2013

How going viral can cloud the truth

The anchors discuss viral stories of the year that turned out to be false, like a child’s letter to Santa that purportedly featured a full-length Amazon URL written in crayon.

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>>> trending today. have you seen the latest viral video making the rounds? it happens at a wedding reception when the bride throws the bouquet and one woman is so anxious to get it she falls over into a garden. now the question is was that real or was it staged? it looked like it could have been fake.

>> well, apparently it was and actually the new york times looked at this whole issue today and that's trending. how many of these viral videos are actually real. it's the first thing that we sacrifice in the internet age . do you remember the twitter tale of a feud on thanksgiving? there was a back and forth. a child's letter to santa with an link, that turned out to be false.

>> written in crayon.

>> who can forget this video. it was an eagle seeming to snatch up a child. happily for that child, it was false.

>> jimmy kimmel did that too.

>> yeah, this is a discussion we have a lot of times in the morning here. we think should we put it in the open or in the show and we say let's double check and triple check and still sometimes things get through.

>> getting harder and harder to figure out what's real and what's not real.