TODAY   |  December 11, 2013

Nevada family found after being stranded for 3 days

A family of six is recovering in a hospital after being stranded in subzero conditions for three days and two nights after their Jeep overturned. NBC’s Miguel Almaguer reports.

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>> top story. it's a remarkable story of a family's survival for two nights in the fridged nevada wilderness. miguel almaguer has the latest on the story. good morning.

>> reporter: good morning. the family is together all here at the hospital in very good shape. they were rescued in conditions colder than it is right now. just one degree after their jeep overturned the sheriff said they were able to stay alive by sticking together and making a few smart decisions. it was a rescue that defied the odds. a family of six missing three days in subzero temperatures found alive and well .

>> this community came together and helped this come to a successful conclusion.

>>> it began sunday with a trip to play in the snow. james glanton, girlfriend christina mcintee and four children took a trip to a town in nevada where the negative 16 degree weather can be deadly.

>> it is subzero temperatures.

>> reporter: after the family failed to return home, the national guard launched helicopters but it was search teams on foot who spotted the first clue.

>> we found a bunch of footprints in the snow from the kids so we knew we were on the right track.

>> reporter: just down the road, the family's overturned jeep and james glanton doing all he could to keep the family alive.

>> he had a campfire set right by the jeep. between the jeep and the bank and he was putting big rocks in the fire and getting them real hot so that the heat would come off the rocks and warm up the inside of the jeep.

>> reporter: all six were air lifted to a local hospital where much of the small community had gathered waiting for any news.

>> i'm relieved. god answered our prayers.

>> some mild hypothermia but nothing that they couldn't recover from very quickly.

>> reporter: it's what some here are calling the miracle before christmas. a family who stuck together and survived what so many feared they couldn't. the family was rescued in an area where there was no cell service. search teams were able to pinpoint their general location by using their last ping at a nearby cell tower . incredibly they're only suffering from dehydration. the entire family should be released from this hospital in just a few hours, savannah.

>> an amazingly resourceful family. thank you.

>> already prompted the discussion on whether we would have the wherewithal to know what to do.

>> i said i would not.

>> i'm out.

>> no.