TODAY   |  December 11, 2013

Cold weather nears record low temperatures

In some states, this winter will be the coldest in years, as Americans try to manage the cold weather, and heavy snowfall. NBC’s Katie Tur reports.

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>>> meanwhile, another blast of arctic air is rolling through part of the midwest this morning on the heels of that storm that blanketed poofrart of the east and snow. temperatures below zero in some places. katie is trying to keep warm in chicago. good morning.

>> reporter: trying, matt. it is a rough one out here. yesterday's low of negative 6 degrees is the coldest it's been this early in the season in 35 years. right now it's 9 degrees with wind chill and it's snowing and only expected to get worse. in chicago the mercury is deceiving. temperatures above zero on the maps are below zero in reality.

>> we could see 15 to 20 below zero wind chills.

>> reporter: whipping winds made for wicked walks and although a coating of snow on tuesday shutdown the national zoo , lincoln park zoo is open for visitors so almost no one is showing up.

>> it's so cold the polar bear is going back inside of her cave. she only came out a couple of inches. the polar bear .

>> reporter: in minnesota runners are weathering the weather whether they like it or not.

>> one of the best compliments you can give a runner is you're crazy.

>> reporter: out east, closed government offices and schools in d.c., cancelled flights in new jersey and left some grumpy in new york.

>> i hate snow.

>> reporter: highways were snarled with jackknifed semis and overturned cars while others were left spinning their wheels. 9 degrees now with the wind chill . that's the high for today. the temperatures will start plummeting as the day goes on. it could get as bad as negative 30 degrees in some areas overnight, savannah.

>> cold just thinking about that.