TODAY   |  December 10, 2013

The things your hair stylist won’t tell you

Find out how your hair stylist seems to know so much about you as Reader’s Digest executive editor Courtenay Smith and celebrity hair stylist Ted Gibson divulge all of their secrets.

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>>> well, they say your hairdresser knows more secrets about you than your own spouse but wouldn't you like to know their secrets. like what they're really using on your hair?

>> readers digest interviewed hairdressers across the country and we're spilling those secrets today. ted gibson is a celebrity hair stylest. good morning to you both.

>> good morning.

>> you all were just talking in the break about this one.

>> the first secret.

>> first rule to live by. if there's one rule, it's this. don't make your first appointment with me on a saturday. why is that?

>> hair stylers told readers digest that saturday is their busiest day and it's bad if it's your first time going with them because they need to spend extra time and hear what you want. earlier in the week is better or they mentioned get the first appointment of the day, even if it's on the weekend because their schedule hasn't been thrown off yet.

>> i'm going to tell you the truth. the truth is on saturday morning, first thing in the morning, hairdressers like to have a good time. friday night might not be -- they're going to have a great time on friday night but saturday morning you may not want to make the first appointment. maybe later in the day on saturday.

>> but tuesdays you were saying?

>> tuesdays are great. they're usually lighter. first thing in the morning on tuesday and early afternoon is perfect.

>> good to know. here's another one. the clients i dread the most are those that say do whatever you want or i'm easy to work with. no guidance.

>> women are complicated creatures. whether you're a celebrity or stay at home mom , it doesn't make any difference. but that's important to know is that you want to make sure that you ask enough questions in the consultation so that everything is perfect. now, women sometimes don't necessarily know. but it's important for a hairdresser to guide them. i always say if you're going to a hairdresser and they haven't given you anything new in the past year, change hair dressers.

>> good to know.

>> telling your stylist what you don't like about your hair helps them fix your problems.

>> or people like me that bring in the pictures that say this is what i want. i want to look like jennifer anniston . do you hate us for that?

>> i think it's good for hair color but not like you want to look exactly like that. that's a moment in time because it's a photo.

>> speaking of hair coloring .

>> the next one is about bleach. we use words like lightener and decolorizer.

>> women think of bleach as what? to clean? that's not the same thing ladies and gentlemen . it's a completely different thing but what bleach is is a lightening but what's the ingredient put into bleach is what makes the formula.

>> it's a peroxide base.

>> right.

>> the higher the peroxide will make it lighter faster.

>> they want you to feel tampered. that's why they pretty up the language. they also say they shampoo your hair. they don't wash it.

>> okay. sometimes when i don't have a client's color because we're out of it or forgot to write it down, i don't say anything, i just mix something new. this seems crazy. they're just making up their own formula here and you're laughing ted.

>> this was a mixed bag. some say i always tell the truth but what the stylist is thinking i know i can make the color. a good colorist will be able to match the color. they don't want their client to worry. they say why should i worry you unnecessarily and if you're unhappy, i'll fix it. so that's how they justify.

>> you look incredibly guilty over there.

>> well, there is a situation sometimes where you do forget and forget to write it down but my new york salon or florida salon we try to keep accurate record and sometimes it's nice to have it just a little bit different. just a little tweak.

>> real quick, sometimes you actually keep client cards that get pretty personal. like what?

>> of course like what they bought the last time they were in. what the color formula is.

>> they said don't sit them next to children because they say inappropriate things. they don't tip well and anything you say and you tell your