TODAY   |  December 10, 2013

WestJet Airlines makes passenger wishes come true

The Canadian airline set up video booths at two airports where passengers scanned their boarding passes, causing Santa to appear and ask what they wanted for Christmas. During the flight, WestJet employees rushed to buy the items on passengers’ wish lists, wrapped and labeled the gifts, and sent them down the carousel at baggage claim at the flight’s destination.

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>> tool that works.

>> this is like flying in canada.

>> apparently so.

>> got the great bacon.

>> got it all. west jet , acanadian based airline wanted to do something special for its passengers. you're about to see real surprise for passengers aboard two flights that came out of toronto. they asked passengers at the gate to submit their holiday wish list to a virtual santa before their flight took off.

>> there's a guy -- some were like i wanted a big screen tv and others were like i wanted a new car and another guy was like underwear and socks.

>> and west jet gets the request. almost immediately 150 volunteer employees at the destination run out to buy the items, wrap them and deliver them personalized at the destination airport. they were then delivered on the baggage carousel . check it out.

>> you can imagine their surprise.

>> no way.

>> west jet 's colors are purple and blue. that's why santa is.

>> the time it took to get to toronto, the destination, they got all the gifts.

>> that's impressive.

>> that is. american airlines could learn a little bit from that, right.

>> by american airlines , you mean all american airlines . from this country.

>> it could be any airline. that's just a good example.

>> a u.s. airline.

>> that's what you meant.

>> a u.s. airline.

>> do you want to see if delta or somebody gets it for you.

>> world peace ?