TODAY   |  December 10, 2013

Make Martha Stewart’s homemade nut brittle block

Martha Stewart is in the kitchen with a few delicious and easy holiday gifts you can make at home, like popcorn balls and nut brittle block.

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>> back with martha on today. this morning, edible goodies you can make for your loved ones. martha is here with tasty ideas from the december issue of martha stewart living .

>> good morning.

>> i love the idea of bringing a gift you made because it's thoughtful but this isn't stuff only martha can do.

>> no, you can do this professor. these are candies and sweets you can make for the teachers, for the postman, for the paper delivery boy.

>> hos tess gifts.

>> great gifts.

>> you can use peanuts, you can use cashews, you can use almonds and the syrup is very, very easy. it's just a sugar, baking soda . i'll add the vanilla first. and we cooked this to 238 degrees.

>> okay.

>> and use the candy thermometer . a little bit of baking soda which is what lightens the whole thing up and then peanuts.

>> see how beautiful.

>> yeah.

>> that's your brittle.

>> smells amazing too.

>> and then this goes into a cookie sheet . you can break that one. that one is already cooled.

>> then you break it up.

>> not too hard.

>> sorry.

>> it's just so fun. i'm getting out my aggression.

>> oh, you have aggression.

>> no, but that was it.

>> that is great and then spread this. spread that. don't touch this, it's very hot. and then the next thing is having you already decided.

>> let's go to the neck one.

>> okay. and then this either -- it's a bark, either white chocolate or dark chocolate .

>> love it. so you can pour that into a prepared pan. it's sprayed with a vegetable spray and then parchment paper .

>> okay.

>> and you have a double bowliler thing going here.

>> yeah. pour this right on to your parchment paper . this is very easy.

>> this is really easy.

>> and then you can embellish. this is just melted chocolate. it's called bark. and they sell this for a lot of money. so use a good quality chocolate. light or dark. now you can let this harden and then add the white chocolate on top of it which would give you a double layer or you can do it in a single layer and then look at the great toppings. you can choose what you would like to put in yours? raisins.

>> peppermint.

>> you can do it while it's hot.

>> i'm going to do pistachios.

>> do you do the whole pretzels? or break them up a little bit?

>> you could but i'm going to do pistachios and orange peel and you can break it into little pieces.

>> do you put it in the refrigerator?

>> no. just let it harden.

>> i was freelancing. okay. we have 30 seconds. let me about this.

>> so this is popcorn balls. it's marshmallows, butter, and brown sugar . that's all it s. turn this off and then pour your popcorn right into here. freshly popped popcorn.

>> absolutely.

>> and then you have to have buttered hands. we embellish this. this is what is special. cho chopped up toffee and cranberry.

>> make it into popcorn balls.

>> of course.

>> those are the popcorn balls. do you want to taste?

>> yes.

>> i want to show.

>> look how beautiful. all of this packaging. you can find them at the craft store and decorating store but so pretty. all of these.

>> it makes it look absolutely fabulous .

>> all your gifts are made.

>> thank you. they are made and beautiful too. thank you so much. you can find these ideas on i'm