TODAY   |  December 10, 2013

Hotels set aside floors for women

The Hamilton Crowne Plaza hotel is offering a floor exclusively for female patrons where they’ll receive bath salts, body products and other pampering items, as well as increased security. A small but growing number of hotels are adopting this model to appeal to female business travelers.

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>> speaking of traveling, matt and al, if you walked into a really beautiful luxury hotel room and they had bath salts , yoga mats, nail polish , curling irons .

>> they got my request.

>> everything on your wish list. maybe it's not the guy thing but that's actually designed for ladies. some of these amenties are using to cater to the growing ranks of female business travellers. some are creating women only floors with special key access for added security. one female pilot calls the whole idea a gimmick and some what insulting.

>> i like getting the yoga mat in the room. i've had that before. i love that.

>> guys want the yoga mat too.

>> i do like the security aspect of it.

>> yeah.

>> where women feel even safer.

>> a little more security.