TODAY   |  December 10, 2013

Are you an annoying air traveler?

Expedia has compiled a list of the five most annoying airline passengers, including the “chatty Cathy” and the “inattentive parent.”

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>> for that, didn't you? . good.

>> a lot of folks are flying for the holidays and weather delays aren't the only complications out there. making matters worse are fellow flyers. exped ranking the most annoying type of flyers. number five, the chatty cathy .

>> number four, the boozer.

>> only when i'm flying with natalie.

>> number three, the aromatic passenger.

>> it's not a jimmy buffet contest. it's a flight.

>> the rear seat kicker. and i agree with this one, the most annoying air traveler, the inattentive parent.

>> get it together, people.

>> look, all kids misbehave. as long as you're trying to coral your kid, i don't care.

>> the boozey people bother me.