TODAY   |  December 10, 2013

Miranda Cosgrove chats on the TODAY Plaza

The star of “Despicable Me 2,” which is now out on DVD, says she never expected the series to be as wildly popular as it is.

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>> of course the reason we have the minions here is because despicable me 2, one of your favorites, isn't it al?

>> love it.

>> where is miranda . let's see if we can chat with her about that.

>> hey, miranda . how are you?

>> nice to see you.

>> hi.

>> nice to see you too.

>> are you looking forward to the day when the minions don't follow you everywhere?

>> i see them everywhere.

>> in your sleep and everywhere.

>> you of course were the voice of the oldest daughter in despicable me 2. you're also a college student . how is that going?

>> it's going well. i jus finished my second year at usc.

>> is there talk of despicable me 3? this is my kid's favorite of all time.

>> i'm sure they're going to do a 3 and minions movie.

>> did you have any idea this thing would blow up the way it did?

>> i didn't. i remember the first time i heard the crazy voice steve carrell does for gru and i thought kids would love it.

>> and $900 million at the box office . you were so smart to take 20% on the back end of that. that was so smart miranda .

>> thank you.