TODAY   |  December 10, 2013

Organic milk really is better for you: scientists

Scientists at Washington State University have found that organic milk has a better balance of fatty acids that keep our hearts strong. While traditional dairy cows eat a corn-based diet, cows that produce organic milk eat a grassier diet, high in omega-3s.

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>>> what kind of milk are you using in your cereal bowl this morning?

>> whole milk.

>> whole milk.

>> organic.

>> skin.

>> a lot of people choose organic but you know it's a lot more expensive. it can be $2 to $3 more per gallon. what's the verdict? is it worth it? a new study suggests yes.

>> scientists at washington state university looked into this and found out that organic milk contains a better balance of fatty acids that help keep our heart strong. we're talking about omega 3 and 6 here. one professor said all milk is good for us. it's just that organic milk is better. apparently for regular milk they eat a corn based diet and cows for organic milk eat more of a grassy diet that's high in omega 3 .

>> and then to make chocolate milk they eat coco.

>> you waited the whole time for that, didn't you? . good.