TODAY   |  December 10, 2013

Super Bowl tailgating ban officially announced

Officials have formally announced that tailgating will be banned during the season’s biggest football game at New Jersey’s Met Life Stadium in February. Super Bowl attendees can eat food or drink in their cars, but festivities may not extend into the parking lot due to space limitations.

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>>> if you're planning to attend the super bowl this winter, don't bother bringing any beers with you. yes, tailgating is off limits. the season's big game will be played at metlife stadium in early february. there had been rumors about a tailgating ban for weeks now but the official announcement came monday and football fans will have to eat any food or drinks they bring in their cars. the party cannot extend, though, into the parking lot because space is limited and you can imagine what security is going to be like.

>> i wish we had a shot on al roker 's face when you just said that.

>> no bratwerst.

>> i thought i lived in america.