TODAY   |  December 10, 2013

Heavy snow expected in parts of Mid-Atlantic

NBC’s Dylan Dreyer reports on the dangerous weather in Maryland and the rest of the Mid-Atlantic region, where up to five inches of snow may fall before the storm heads northeast.

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>> another major story we're covering at home. the winter storm . you're looking live at baltimore where snow has been falling already. it's said to impact millions from tennessee all the way today. good morning.

>> reporter: good morning, matt. the snow started here about a half hour ago and it is coming down good now. snow here in the mid-atlantic. but this is one of the storm as long the i-95 corridor and that means another challenging day for travelers. just in time for rush hour this morning, the snow is already coming down in washington d.c. drivers hitting the roads early getting a jump on what's expected to be a messy commute.

>> it's going to be an ugly rush hour out here trying to get into the district.

>> reporter: it's the second blast to hit this week. today's storm could wreak havoc or already slick roads.

>> deep freeze. any water that's on the road untreated will refreeze.

>> reporter: from wisconsin to texas, millions of americans are still reeling from the deadly ice, sleet, and snow left by the first storm.

>> just put the car in park. sat there for two hours.

>> you have to be careful and drive slow .

>> i drive slow . i drive slow .

>> reporter: in virginia, tree branches crash through the roof of one home. fortunately the house was empty at the time. all the ice knocked out power to nearly 100,000 in the d.c. region.

>> we are actually used to having our power go off on a fairly regular basis and the neighbors are now thinking about putting the wires underground.

>> reporter: air travelers aren't getting a break either. with flight aware reporting over 1700 flight cancellations monday and hundreds more likely today. hundreds of schools closed throughout the region monday allowing some kids to brave the elements.

>> i like snow and ice.

>> reporter: trying to find a way to unisolate the cars to make them not like freezing cold and like break.

>> reporter: and schools across the mid-atlantic are closed again today. also federal offices in d.c. are closed. now, most of the snow we're going to get here today is going to fall before 11:00 this morning. meaning at times it is going to come down fast and hard and, al, that is going to reduce visibility in an instant and that can catch a lot of drivers off guard.

>> thank you so much. let's go to leesburg, virginia. it's snowing at the rate of about two inches per hour right now. these roads have already been salted and you can see they're already covered. and for philadelphia, our friends in the city of brotherly love , they are going to get a second smack at this thing. on sunday, they had 8.6 inches of snow. that's more than they got all of last season and here we go again. another system now. this system setting itself up. you can see washington d.c. , it is starting to snow already. it's going to move through pretty quickly. about 33 degrees by the afternoon. look at this snow, it makes it's way through the morning and noon hours into boston and then by this evening it is one and done and gone. but before it leaves, it's going to drop about two to five inches of snow on long island, new england, on into philadelphia. about 1 to 3 inches here in new york city and we have a lake effect snow situation setting up through tomorrow. you can look at that cold air coming across the warmer waters of the lake and it's going to drop about one to two feet of snow in watertown in upstate new york . it's a quick hit and then we have another system --

>> come on al.

>> coming out of alaska that may effect us here in the northeast by the weekend.

>> and cold temperatures.