TODAY   |  December 09, 2013

10 great hostess gifts for the holiday parties

You can’t show up empty-handed to someone’s home for a family get together or holiday cocktail party, so Hamptons magazine editor-in-chief Samantha Yanks shares some great gifts that will ensure you get invited back next year.

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>>> all right, between now and new year's you probably make an appearance at a few holiday gatherings or maybe even the boss. you know the rule.

>> never show up empty-handed.

>> here to guarantee you'll make a good impression is samantha yanks. she's the editor in chief of "hamptons" magazine. you always come up with a bottle of wine or something.

>> wine, candles are really nice, but these are a bit more creative. the first one is an amazing garland. which we have across the front. these are monogrammed ornaments. totally adorabldorable. they're $6. when you're thinking about going to someone's home and they have children, you want to bring something that will entertain them. this is one sort of traditional old school idea.

>> can you imagine if they played old maid?

>> these card games are great.

>> exactly. it's 16 bucks.

>> okay, this would be a hit, i can already see.

>> this is my favorite.

>> oh, this is darling.

>> instead of bake, because it creates a huge mess and you already have so many people, these are pre-made cookies. they come in a tin. the kids can decorate them and draw on them. they're edible and nut free. i know a lot of families pay attention to that.

>> that's important.

>> so this is a company i'm completely obsessed with. it's called kika's treat, from san francisco . they're divine. they come in these gift boxes. short breads, graham crackers , salted caramels.

>> what's that one?

>> that is graham cracker .

>> they come in these gorgeous gift baggings with wrapping paper, so pretty. now we're going to go into if you are the person who can make home made cakes or treats, this is the way to go. instead of bring something with a tossaway treat, bring something they can make afterwards. there's a salad server. you get to keep that afterwards. another idea like that, this is a company called everything on the company is fair trade . you bring a snack and leave the bowl behind.

>> that's a good idea.

>> this may be one of my favorites.

>> and i use this pancake mixer. if you're invited by a generous person to be an overnight guest, spend the weekend you need to bring something a little more. so this is a built-in breakfast set. the hostess doesn't need to think about anything when they wake up in the morning. pancake mix , syrup, jam.

>> clever.

>> if you're not into buying this premade, you can find all local items and make it yourself.

>> how much is this one?

>> this one is $29.95.

>> very reasonable.

>> i really love these, from ll bean, they're box wood wreaths. you can send it to your hostess before. it's already there when you arrive. really pretty. $49. exactly. this idea i absolutely love. so it's really festive, it looks like a tree, but it's actually a ro rosemary plant. it's for a cook. you leave it behind. they can trim from it forever.

>> that's what? $49.99.

>> beautiful.

>> and our last one, which is my favorite. because the holidays are all about memories. this is really my favorite. i dedicated this to you two. so they're book ends from pottery barn . they're $49. you bring them to your hostess with memories you've had