TODAY   |  December 09, 2013

Joy Fit Club introduces 3 new members!

This week is a special edition of the Joy Fit Club, with TODAY nutritionist Joy Bauer introducing Pete Pallas, Sabrina Gorman and Dean Martin as new members, who all lost at least 140 lbs.

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>>> we're back with a very special edition of "look at me now," the joy fit club . not one, not two, but three people into the club.

>> they decided to get healthy and combined they've lost more than 500 pounds. and here to introduce us and tell us -- tell you how they did it is the leader of joint fit club , joy bower.

>> this is really exciting. three people that are going to blow your mind .

>> tell us about pete.

>> this is pete. he's 51. he's from michigan. he really didn't start gaining weight until later in life when he had his kids. it got to the point he was on medication for high cholesterol , high blood pressure and for diabetes. and the real turning point aside from feeling awful was christmas two years ago, his family was waiting downstairs. he was getting ready and he couldn't fit into his size 48 pants. he was totally depressed. at that moment said enough is enough. in january, he joined a corporate wellness program at his workplace. . i love letting viewers know that because january is right around the corner.

>> more and more companies are doing that.

>> 152 pounds.

>> stop it.

>> step on out, let's see how you look there, sweetie.

>> oh, my god.

>> isn't that unbelievable?

>> are you serious?

>> yeah, that's me.

>> wow.

>> doesn't look like you.

>> this is really cool, his motivate, his daughter page, wrote him a letter saying how proud she was of him and he hangs it on his bathroom mirror and looks at it every single day.

>> and no more medical issues?

>> all medications are gone.

>> this is great.

>> his motto is you have one plate of everything that you love but instead of putting on continents, he now puts on little islands. two years ago at thanksgiving, this was his meal, right, 1,600 calories. this year at thanksgiving, he still enjoyed everything, slashed it in half.

>> all right, congratulations. good for you.

>> okay. sabrina 's our second.

>> this gorgeous lady, her name is sabrina , she's 39 years old, she's from grayson, georgia. she was a super athlete. she came from a southern traditional family with lots of fattening foods. when she was growing up, she was eating a gazillion calories. she wasle burning a gazillion calories. she's in her 20s. she had a desk job . she didn't have time to exercise. she gained an ex-orb tent amount of weight. today, she's down 141 pounds and she's a personal trainer. she plays full-on women's tackle football. and she's getting married next year.

>> come on, sabrina . oh, my gosh, that is crazy!

>> oh, my god.

>> you look amazing.

>> thank you.

>> seriously, standing there -- what? how long did it take you to lose all that weight?

>> it took about a year and a half to lose the weight. so about ten pounds a month. took it off slowly.

>> are your friends and family freaking now when they see you?

>> they're really more surprised about this.

>> people don't even recognize you?

>> no, no. sometimes i don't recognize myself.

>> good for you.

>> she's getting married.

>> bless your heart.

>> in may, may of next year.

>> congratulations.

>> the big diet tip is she uses a food scale as a major reality check. in the past, she was overpour things like cereal. this is 2 1/4 cup, 400 calories. now, one cup, 200 calories it she likes the denser cereal. it all adds up.

>> congratulations.

>> all right, give us just ten seconds on dean's before.

>> dean martin 's 30 years old from louisiana. when he graduated college, he was over 400 pounds. well, dean today is down 225 pounds.

>> what? dean, step out.

>> step on out.

>> oh, my god.

>> such an attitude.

>> oh, my god.

>> unbelievable.

>> he's doing things he never dreamed about.

>> you don't even look like the same person.

>> i don't know that guy.

>> wow.

>> and for father's day, he surprised his dad with a trip to alaska. he was always afraid to fly. he lived life on the sidelines. took his dad to alaska. they hiked, they fished, they rafted.

>> ah, sweetie. how do you feel, hon?

>> feel great, feel great.

>> you look great. congrats. you did a great job. unbelievable.