TODAY   |  December 09, 2013

Send in your ugly holiday sweater photos!

What are the holidays without an ugly sweater? Tweet or post on Facebook your best pictures of the worst using #orangeroom.

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>> christmas sweaters everybody.

>> santa falling out of the sleigh.

>> oh, no.

>> we have a whole crew over here. look, the elves are here apparently.

>> mine's not that ugly. mine's pretty cute. they just picked it out for me. the reason that i guess this sparked the ugly sweater thing was a missed a moment here.

>> yeah, this is fantastic. check it out. i was on the plaza friday when i came across the most amazingly ugly holiday sweater but creative ever.

>> look at that. that my friends is -- what's your name.

>> cindy .

>> cindy . this is spectacular. oh my -- did you buy this or make this?

>> no, i made it.

>> oh, man.

>> i hadn't seen the back part.

>> we need to have an ugly sweater contest.

>> that's amazing.

>> send us your pictures. #orangeroom. pictures or video. we'll let you vote on the ugliest sweater and we're going to bring you to new york.

>> cindy set a high bar , though.

>> that thing out the back. you kept checking under the tail. what were you looking for?

>> i had never seen anything like that.

>> sadly, though, they got it on i-95 on the side of the road . just kidding. it's just a joke.

>> i loved her name. weatherby.

>> just ruined chris mass. coming up next, nominations and snubs and all the stories that have you on google this