TODAY   |  December 09, 2013

An Italian twist on Christmas dinner: filet mignon

Chef Michael White is in the TODAY kitchen with Italian Christmas recipes such as filet mignon with a Barbera wine sauce and pasta ribbons with mushrooms.

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>> a holiday or special weekend meal, you can never go wrong.

>> here is our executive chef and author of the new cookbook. good to see you.

>> good to see you as well.

>> one of the great things is that you can do it. it's very simple. we during the season usually do bone in roasts and things like that. it can be intimidating. you can utilize everything. it's a little bit more expensive but there's no waste whatsoever. we'll season this and do the procedures real quick. we can tie this like i did on this one right here. we are going to go right into the saut? pan. we'll mark these off. this is a great way to do this for two or three people. we're going to mark these off.

>> what do you mean by marking them?

>> you have a really nice crust. we're going to sere them well. very easy to keep in mind.

>> how long?

>> about six or seven minutes. this is going to be about 350 degrees in the oven. medium rare . should be about six to seven minutes. so we have this saut? pan. we have taken out the meat. we'll deglaze. we put shallots and butter in the pan. this is a quick sauce so we're going to deglaze very quickly. bring that up to temperature. and now we have a little bit of beef sauce that you can purchase at the grocery store or make your own. we'll go right inside of the saut? pan. this is what is going to make our sauce. the real nice part about it, fillet, this one we're cooking in little pieces. about six to seven ounces. we're going to make a crust. we're going to put some bread crumbs and herbs. we'll stir this together.

>> right in with the butter?

>> right in with the soft butter and then we're going to roll this in between two sheets of paper, kitchen paper . we put this on top. we roll it.

>> you make little disks.

>> little disks like this. now we see the sauce going. we're going to turn this down. coming to the back, we have taken this. now that we have the disks down, we put them in the oven and crust them. this takes about two minutes. melt it. and now we have this pan sauce right here and we'll drizzle this around.

>> there it is.

>> the outside.

>> this is something that -- i tell you what, you look really good when you do something this easy.

>> looks like a restaurant.

>> all right. thank you so much.

>> thank you very much.