TODAY   |  December 09, 2013

Warm up with a hearty helping of meatballs

Chef Zane Holmquist is in the TODAY kitchen as he shares his family recipe for classic meatballs.

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>> we're back at 8:51 and this morning on today's holiday kitchen, we're warming things up with classic meatballs. here to share a family recipe is the executive chef in park city utah. good morning. it's good to see you.

>> thanks for having me today.

>> so you're spilling family secrets .

>> this is from grandma's recipe book. i took this recipe and kept going. so a great swedish meatball.

>> first let's do the traditional swedish.

>> we'll do traditional. so pork and veal. we'll add our onions.

>> okay.

>> and we'll add a little bread crumb . very simple. you'll add parsely for me.

>> the whole thing?

>> the whole thing.

>> a little bit of egg and honey. if you'll grab that little plate of seasoning, salt, pepper, nutmeg and all spice. we have it all measured out. this is the fun part. we'll give it a little bit of a mix. you don't want to overdo the meatballs.

>> don't want to overmix them?

>> why?

>> they'll get a little tough and they won't be fluffy. now we mixed our meatballs and you're a little messy. great for the kids. you can use the fun scooper and you make your meatballs.

>> let's discuss technique. you don't have to use the scooper.

>> you don't. you can go all free style and go by hand and scoop your meatballs.

>> what about that recipe makes it swedish?

>> well, when we get to this bit. so we have a little reduced beef stock or veal stalk here and we add a little cream. and we'll add a little cornstarch. so cornstarch, water, and this is going to give us that gravy texture. so you have to have that going.

>> don't you feel like meatballs are having a resurgence? it's the trendy thing?

>> they are a little bit in fad. we add our cornstarch and this is the key. this is what really gives it the swedish bit.

>> is that sweet?

>> it's sweet and tart. you add your linyn lindenberry.

>> is it hard to find?

>> sometimes it's in the jam section and sometimes it's in the specialty section. aisle 7. now once you're coming up to a boil here, we'll add our meatballs to our sauce. we cook them in the oven and finish them here in the sauce.

>> you browned those in the oven.

>> we did.

>> tell me about this. the potatoes?

>> so we made a swedish style potatoes. a little cream and butter of course and these are great for, you know, super bowl holiday parties.

>> it looks delicious. and garnished on the side.

>> what's this?

>> lamb meatballs with chow chow chow. oregeno. i use pretzels. this is a greek style dry cheese.

>> that's a new one.

>> and then the same thing, you're making the meatballs with the kids. these are going to go in the oven for 12 to 15 minutes .

>> why the oven instead of the pan?

>> you don't make a mess. and easy. now i have my meatballs.

>> here's our meatballs coming in right now.

>> when you're done --

>> yeah.

>> we finish with chow chow . who here heard of chow chow ?

>> it's a southern thing.

>> you have to have it.

>> it's a cabbage --

>> it's a pickled vegetable. it's beautiful with sausages and grilled meat.

>> you want those.

>> it's good.

>> once you get these going, you can put these on a hoagie.

>> got the party going .

>> you have super bowl food.

>> most importantly, how's the snow?

>> the snow i>>> from nbc news, this is