TODAY   |  December 09, 2013

Company looks to change the way girls’ toys are made

As more and more girls spend time in the toy aisles usually associated with boys, a viral ad campaign by Goldieblox is leading the charge to change the educational scope of toy production.

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>>> to think about before you reach for a doll or dress up kit for the girls on your holiday list. kristen dahlgren is here with more.

>> if you notice the girl's aisle it's all pink. but on youtube there's a series of viral videos featuring girls taking over the toy aisle.

>> when you think girls for toys, something like this probably comes to mind.

>> she looks good with make up on.

>> reporter: but the way girls play is getting a make over.

>> girls are capable of so much more than the box that they're being put into in the toy aisle.

>> reporter: 30-year-old debbie sterling is behind these viral videos . ads for a toy she invented called goldiblocks. an engineering set for girls .

>> i felt it was important to give girls more purpose. ignite a new passion or interest and show that girls belong in engineering too.

>> reporter: she was told it would never sell but now it's playing with the big boys . it's one of the top ten building sets on amazon for girls or boys. it comes with a series of adventure books about goldie, an inspiring engineer.

>> it gives them the about to put together the story.

>> reporter: but there's a big gender gap in science, technology, engineering and math. women make up almost half the work force but fill less than a quarter of jobs in those fields. goldieblocks isn't the only company giving girls serious play things.

>> lego friends.

>> reporter: lego has gotten in on the game. barbie is a computer engineer , and roominate, a doll house construction set that comes we electric electrical s electrical curcuits. talk about girl power .

>> reporter: a future where girls can dream big .

>> girls are out there making a difference in the world too.

>> now you promise notice there is pink in goldieblocks. pink and purple are the most popular girl colors. it's not about that but giving them toys that use their brain.

>> gift ideas for my nieces.

>> it's great. thank you so