TODAY   |  December 09, 2013

Is the office Christmas party a bad idea?

The anchors discuss their feelings about the tradition of the annual holiday office party, sparked by a discussion on The New York Times website, where bloggers and columnists debate if office Christmas parties are a good idea.

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>> that's one way to look at it. the question comes from the pros and cons of it. it helps blow off steam and builds team morale but is it worth the alcohol fuelled outbursts, office hook ups, and worst of all, the awful dance moves .

>> don't look at me.

>> okay. yeah, you're laughing but we have all seen that.

>> savannah and i are guilty.

>> we are.

>> we own up to it.

>> but if that's wrong, we don't want to be right.

>> i'm in favor of the people if i can see people dance like that.

>> those stories live into spring.