TODAY   |  December 09, 2013

Brutal conditions take toll on Prince Harry’s trek

Chilly temperatures and harsh conditions have led to a number of incidents for the team of wounded soldiers trekking to the South Pole with Prince Harry for charity. NBC’s Ayman Mohyeldin reports.

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>>> longer a race. now it's turned into survival and cooperation.

>> it began as a race to the south pole . wounded soldiers, hollywood actors and a prince. three teams all racing for a good cause but this amazing race was taking a dangerous toll on the teams.

>> we have had a few rough days. last week was pretty intense. we had a couple of incidents. a couple of frostbites and people passing out because of the altitude and exhaustion.

>> reporter: brutal conditions, harsh winds and bone chilling temperatures are some of the challenges that lead organizers to suspend this 200 mile competition to the south pole . but while the race is off, there's a new goal. not to compete as teams but to finish the trek as one group.

>> it doesn't mean that the expedition is over. far from it. we proceed on from here to the last checkpoint.

>> reporter: for the teams of wounded soldiers, it may now be a new mission but with the same message that made prince harry join the expedition in the first place.

>> if i am given the opportunity to help these guys out by creating more awareness for them or whatever, then,