TODAY   |  December 09, 2013

Lindsey Vonn on Sochi Games: ‘I can do it’

Olympic hopeful Lindsey Vonn says she’s good to go for the Olympics after a number of injuries during training put her participation in question. NBC’s Joe Fryer reports.

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>>> lindsey vonn is declaring herself ready for sochi . she fights back from major knee surgery. nbc's joe fryer.

>> reporter: in canada the weather heats up. lind sid vonn returned to competition for the first time in a year and improved in every race.

>> today was another step in the right direction and now i have the confidence that i know that i can do it and that's all i can hope for.

>> reporter: ten months ago vonn's olympic hopes were stopped by a massive spill. she broke her leg and needed surgery and while practicing lost month injured her knee again. her return came at a place so familiar to vonn she's on the first name basis with the local kids. she even wore one girl's bracelet.

>> i'm going to wear it tomorrow, too.

>> reporter: with the wind chill it felt like 50 below zero air was biting at the racers faces. vonn skied conservatively friday placing 40th out of 60.

>> there was a couple of nerves in there. it's been awhile since i have raced.

>> reporter: by saturday she improved to 11th place and on sunday during the super g , the same event she crashed in 10 months ago, vonn finished 5.

>> every day i felt better and better and today was a great ending to the weekend.

>> reporter: she has six or seven weeks to prepare for sochi at this point and the goal for her has to be peak at sochi .

>> with her first competition out of the way, she's not sure which races she will do next on her road to the olympics.

>> my goal is to go into sochi confident. we'll backtrack and say what races make the most sense for you to race and are the least risky downhills to run.

>> reporter: by the olympics she hopes to be racing to the podium. today, joe fryer, alberta canada.

>> she is phenomenal. ten months off the slopes, major surgery, another injury and comes back and goes 40th, 11th, 5th.

>> and was taking it easy.

>> are there any more races between now and sochi ?

>> i think there are. they're right in the heat of it.