TODAY   |  December 09, 2013

Parade of cars pays tribute to Paul Walker

Thousands of fans from across the country lined the streets of Los Angeles near the spot where the actor died as cars revved their engines.

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>> the tragic death of actor paul walker the tributes are still pouring in. quite a special one yesterday.

>> that's right. this is the largest tribute yet for the actor. friends and families gathered for a memorial.

>> reporter: thousands of fans lined the streets of los angeles near where the actor died over a week ago.

>> i felt inspired by him. i felt like hi to come and pay my respects.

>> reporter: fans watched as a parade of cars reved their engines in his memory.

>> he had a big impact on the scar scene. him and the whole crew. without them the car scene wouldn't be what it is today.

>> reporter: the sidewalks were covered with flowers, stuffed animals. paris hilton sent her well wishes by air and one of paul walker 's cast mates showed up to remember his friend.

>> i wish we could just remember what a great guy he was and celebrate his life.

>> reporter: the event organized by fans and promoted on facebook drew so many spectators that the county sheriff 's department issued a advisory. more than 1,000 cars cruised the streets in his memory where the latest fast and furious was filming. his tragic death has shaken his fans and car enthusiasts. a tribute video released last week by universal studios has been viewed almost 24 million times on youtube and a chilling new detail revealed in an interview with the actor's father about their final conversation.

>> i said promise me no more daredevil stuff. i said if in your heart you can do this, then do it. if your heart says maybe not, then don't.

>> fast and furious six comes out on dvd this week and a percentage will be donated to his charity.

>> a fitting tribute, thanks.