TODAY   |  December 09, 2013

Winter weather causes flight cancelations

Fatal accidents have been reported across the Midwest and thousands of flights have been canceled due to dangerous winter weather. NBC’s Dylan Dreyer reports.

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>> reporter: frozen in place. on the roads and at the airports. the bitter blast of snow, ice, and rain leaving millions of americans stranded.

>> it is crazy. this whole corner is full of piled up cars.

>> reporter: the roads so dangerous, more than 50 vehicles were involved in a chain reaction crash that killed a man and shutdown the pennsylvania turnpike . similar stories south of milwaukee where at least one person was killed in a pile up involving nearly 40 vehicles.

>> next thing i knew i looked up and just swerving through cars and dodging cars and we ended up in the ditch.

>> reporter: parts of texas are reeling four days after the storm with ice causing problems on the ground and from above.

>> we are stuck at the moment.

>> reporter: a good samaritan came to the rescue of a news crew with our dallas fort worth station towing them out after they got stuck. in kentucky, the cars were incased in ice.

>> i can deal with snow all day long but freezing rain , i don't even want to touch it.

>> reporter: gymjim tweeting i can't remember the last day i have seen so many interstates shutdown from one storm. thousands of flights were cancelled or delayed across the country.

>> reporter: today show viewers tweeting us their pictures of the wintry weather. iced over cotton in missouri. a roadway in washington d.c. and baby's first snowfall. now, here in the northeast, we didn't get a lot of snow and really what we're seeing right now is light freezing rain and light snow, especially up into new england but it's just enough to make things very slippery. so either way it's going to be a slow go. the last thing you want on a monday morning commute.

>>> dylan dreyer, thank you very much.

>> can we just agree that ice is the worst.

>> nothing goes on ice and we have another day of this at last. let's take a look, washington d.c. , pretty shot of the capitol. federal employees are being told to come to work two hours late because of the icy conditions in and around washington. and, in fact, as we look and show you what we've got as far as winter weather advisories and freezing rain advisories all the way down into north carolina . winter storm warnings as well. that's the freezing rain . snow to the north. rain down to the south. so we're going to see, at least as far as snow is concerned, a tenth of an inch to half an inch of ice all the way to washington d.c. more snow as you get north into northern new england . another quick system comes through tomorrow and look at this, by tomorrow afternoon, we're looking at 3 to 6 inches from charleston, west virginia up into new england including new york city and more icing going to be a problem as we make our way down through the mid-atlantic states. so, again, one-two punch. this one is an upper cut.

>> this is insult to injury right now. al, thank you very much.