TODAY   |  December 08, 2013

Welcome to the Orange Room, Jenna!

There were many changes at Studio 1A while TODAY’s Jenna Wolfe was on maternity leave, including a new set and the addition of the Orange Room. Her fellow anchors helped her navigate the new digs.

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>> sweet watching you watch pictures of harper and see watching you and steph and harper together.

>> i know every parent does it.

>> no pressure at all, dylan. we're here in the orange room . we're talking about how this new studio thing happened while you were gone. a lot of action takes place now in the #orangeroom. a way to introduce you to do is to take some questions from our viewers.

>> the monitor, one finger and one finger only, when you swipe this.

>> you know that from pfrnl experience.

>> it will mess you up. first question, how are nights with the baby? the baby is beautiful.

>> before harper came along, i thought no sleep, no problem. now that shees here, you steal sleep wherever you can find time to sleep. we're a good six, seven hours at night. i'll take that.

>> as a new mom, i'm trying to lose baby weight . what was your workout routine like, did you go on a special diet?

>> no special diet. i don't want to restrict calories. i'm eating better. there is no secret. you work as hard as you can, but within healthy confines and give it time. i think after a little bit of time you start seeing results. can't rush this.

>> took nine months to get you there, actually ten. i think lester has a question for you from south africa .

>> reporter: i do. having been trained, jenna, by you, i know how tough that is. you have this healthy lifestyle. how will you introduce harper to a healthy lifestyle? will it be food, doing workouts with her when she's ready?

>> you're leaving new york came at a decent time. i cleared out your office oovps. your office is where i'm setting up some sort of refrigerator with healthy food and gym equipment. my office is where we'll be doing actual