TODAY   |  December 08, 2013

TODAY anchors offer advice for new mom Jenna

Returning to work from maternity leave is a big adjustment for any new mom. To help TODAY’s Jenna Wolfe with her transition, a few of her co-workers offered words of wisdom.

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>> jenna, some of the best advice i got before coming back to work after my first son was born was from my son heather who said to focus on whatever the task is at hand. if you're at work, focus on work. when you're with your baisch by, focus on harper .

>> i have to say, first, welcome back to a normal sleep schedule, at least as normal as mornings on "weekend today" can be. when i went back to work, that's when i got caught up on my sleep once again.

>> i remember when we were talking about how jenna would be when she had harper . we had visions of her being this warm, caring mom. it's amazing because that's exactly what she is. if there's anything she's nervous about moving forward, just have that confidence that you're a mom now. you're going to figure it out. everything is going to be just fine.

>> it's tough. you get used to that non- stop time with the baby and the connection you make. when you come to work, it's a huge chunk of your day where you're not with her, and it's tough. it's not an easy transition.

>> coming back to work was good. i was ready. but, of course, i was used to being with my babe 24 hours a day and i missed her. it's really great for us to be able to work and show our daughters that we have this other life.

>> i think today's parent has it made compared to when my kids were little. you have skype and face time and these things. you can interact. it's not just a phone call .

>> traveling is hard. my husband sends me videos of mila every night i'm gone. my goal is to be at home at bath time every night when i'm in new york so i can at least have those precious few hours of nighttime routine.

>> the more you can focus on the positive in every situation, the better every situation is. even when you're traveling, think of it as a chance to sleep late more. when you're at home, think about it as moch time with harper . when you're back at work, think how excited you are to hang out with us again.

>> the thing is, dwrount have to worry. we've been there, done that, we'll help guide you through it. hold your hand every step of the way. take it day by day . when you go home, give your little one a bigger hug.

>> the one thing jenna will find out and everybody says this to new parents, it happens so fast. they'll grow up before you know it. trust me. it does. mine are many their 20s. only yesterday i was rocking them with one hand. it really does go fast.

>> i think what harper is going to see is we are two women who are, although very focused on our careers and passionate about them, are also very passionate about her and care about her and that she's the priority. to be able to see that i think is great