Image: Race to the South Pole
Walking With The Wounded via EPA

TODAY   |  December 08, 2013

Harry’s race to South Pole canceled after dangerous conditions

The expedition will continue, but Prince Harry’s race to the South Pole has been canceled after organizers decided it was too dangerous. The teams will now work together to make it to the finish line. NBC’s Kristen Dahlgren reports.

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>> for a good cause, to benefit wounded warriors. instead of competing, the teams will cooperate, all fighting together to complete what has been a more difficult trek than expected. three teams, almost 200 miles across some of the world's harshest terrain. famous faces like prince harry and actor alexander skarsgaard leading teams of wounded warriors to the south pole in the bitter cold.

>> it's minus 30. apparently it's plus 30 where you are.

>> reporter: after five days of harsh wind and brutal conditions, organizers decided the race had gotten too dangerous.

>> over the last couple days i felt a little uncomfortable with some of the stress being placed on the team members as a result of very harsh terrain conditions that we're encountering.

>> reporter: that doesn't mean the trek is over. far from it. in fact, there are still almost 70 miles to go. so teams will now work together to make sure 12 servicemen and women who once faced life-changing injuries will stand on the south pole by next weekend. the former competitors now united in a common goal which, in the end isn't much different than how harry described the race before he started.

>> if i'm given the opportunity, it means i can help these guys out, creating more awareness for them or whatever, then so what to minus 50 and 19-mile-an-hour winds.

>> it is serious conditions out there. they had a day of rest yesterday and they'll be driven to the same spot all starting that 70-mile trek.

>> it is great they're continuing, though, for such a good cause. thanks.