TODAY   |  December 08, 2013

Storm could lead to widespread power outages

America is freezing, and ice storms are stranding travelers, knocking out power and creating deadly conditions. TODAY’s Dylan Dreyer reports.

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>> is 30 below. mike seidel , thanks. dylan is here now with a closer look at what we can expect coming our way.

>> we'll see a little bit of everything with this. starts as snow, changes over to ice and eventually rain when it's all said and done. you can see in pink in parts of kentucky down into areas like western virginia and west virginia itself, it's the pink in here that creates all the problems, the icing that coats the trees and power lines and we end up with power outages. we are going to see the freezing rain take over eventually. it's dropping down to 31 in roanoke. it went from rain over to an icy mix. even washington, d.c. dropped to 31 degrees. naturally we have your winter storm warnings with a few ice storm warnings down in north dakota of all places. in roanoke, virginia, there's the possibility we could end up with close to a half inch of ice. that is what will create perhaps widespread power outages. further north, new jersey and new england, around .10 inch before it changes to