TODAY   |  December 08, 2013

So cold, ice hockey on streets of Dallas

There hasn’t been a break in the freezing temperatures as a storm stretched from coast to coast, Texas to Minnesota, and some residents took their skates to the streets. The Weather Channel’s Mike Seidel reports.

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>>> today's top story in the u.s., another round of both powerful winter storms creating treacherous conditions at this point from california all the way to new england. the weather channel 's mike seidel is in a very chilly leesburg, virginia, this morning. good morning.

>> reporter: good morning. as we await the first wintery weather west of washington, dallas is encased in ice. the west coast got slammed by a second storm on saturday. in barts of north dakota and montana, temperatures have stayed below zero since thursday. no break in the wintery blast as a new storm moved into california. heavy snow in the mountains made the roads unsafe.

>> it's slippery and dangerous. you try to change lanes and you're going sideways.

>> reporter: icy conditions saturday went as far south as los angeles county , putting a total freeze on i-5 cutting off the major route between loss ang also --

>> it's ice from here all the way to oklahoma, r i-35 was impassable until the sun came up. over at the airport they're trying to get hundreds of stuck passengers in the air following more than 2700 canceled flights over three days. a frustrated traveler posted this to youtube.

>> well, this is day three, terminal d here in dallas , texas. all flights canceled once again.

>> reporter: work crews are trying to restore power to about 100,000 customers still in the cold and the dark.

>> getting out sleeping bags , moving the couch to the fireplace and huddling around.

>> reporter: it was cold. only 26 degrees on saturday, more than 30 degrees below average. so cold these palm trees in tyler are wrapped in installation. the rangers baseball park is covered in snow. you can play ice hockey on the streets of dallas . newburgh, indiana, is good for skating, too. head farther north and it really gets cold. it was 18 below in billings, montana when these hearty souls took the polar bear plunge . wow, 47 jumped into that frozen lake, all for a good cause, racing money for the special olympics . by the way, the windchill was 35 below zero . back here, a whole lot warmer, around 30, as we await the season's first snow, sleet and freezing rain. erica, i can't get over the guy plays ice hockey on the streets of dallas .

>> that is crazy video. i can't get over jum in the water when the windchill