TODAY   |  December 07, 2013

Welcome back from maternity leave, Jenna!

“Three months goes fast when you are falling in love with a new little soul,” said TODAY’s Jenna Wolfe, who shared what life has been like after giving birth to her daughter.

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>> to tell from her maternity leave with baby harper .

>> contrary to most people think my maternity leave was not spent texting with lester or working on my tan. i quickly learned getting your mind and body and wit back in order after childbirth is an adventure in itself. feedings and naps and diaper changes and that was just me! three months go fast when you're falling in love with a new little soul .

>> reporter: so maternity leave is over, harper . how do you feel about mommy going back to work? it is this incredibly fulfilling act living to another person and watching them take it all in and bon bonding. it's just this crazy, crazy venture and i guess somehow, some way that becomes motherhood. on august 21st , 2013 , harper estelle graced us with her frenfren presence. she has a funny soul, this one. that morning when i announced i was pregnant on the years seems like years ago. i'm actually pregnant. i'm quite pregnant actually.

>> yea!

>> reporter: litet's see what we got here. before i had harper i had this entire thing mapped out. i did my homework literally with everything from baby food to baby classes. everywhere a wolf, wolf! guess what? there is no plan when you are raising a child. you should literally take any plan you have and toss it. are you ready for bath time, baby? the best thing you can do is create these little schedules. smile harps. the last three months have been literally about taking pictures and taking more pictures and taking even more pictures again. at least i don't obsess over it, so that is good. i've also been working my way back into shape. three, four. sometimes with harper . and sometimes just with the desire to lose the baby weight which turned out to be harper . this is precious time . this is time that stephanie and i both know we are not going to get back, so we really go out of our way to make sure we do things as family with harper . what surprised me the most, i still don't know -- i guess it's how well harper and i have learned to communicate with each other. did you fall asleep? she is such a people person.

>> you like that?

>> kind of like her mom. and not just with adults. the babies really love her, in my opinion, of course! so here is what i've come to learn. life is no longer just about me. it's just not. and it never will be again. i don't care what they tell you, none of this is easy. but every morning i wake up, i walk into a room, and i look at her and i just know we did it right, you snow i know we did something amazing absolutely right. i love you so much! lover you. it goes without saying having a baby is the most amazing thing anyone can do. you know it and anyone who has had a baby knows it's the most beautiful thing in the world and i'm so blessed to have her in my life. hey, j .

>> hey, jenna?

>> lester , are you there?

>> do you see how fast she has grown and how fast it goes? everybody says it goes by quickly and don't you get it now how fast it goes?

>> you said from the beginning take every single moment and appreciate it and i have. it's been three and a half months already. i don't know where the time has gone, but it's lovely. i love every minute of it.

>> she is gorgeous.

>> thank you, lester , thank you.

>> thank you for the way you shared her with all of us too. she is such an incredible little baby and just to see you and steph and your family together, i mean, it makes us so happy but the joy that you guys have in your eyes when you are with your little girl is just a beautiful thing.

>> tears in your eyes! you are an emotional person now!

>> you know it takes a lot to render me speechless and this little thing renders me speechless more often than that. it is the most beautiful thing in the world.

>> can you bring her to work tomorrow?

>> tomorrow, sure.

>> you bring her by very soon.

>> i definitely will. get home