TODAY   |  December 07, 2013

Celebs react to death of South African leader

Celebrities across the world, and some actors who have played the leader Nelson Mandela, took to social media to express their condolences. TODAY’s Erica Hill interviews contributor Lola Ogunnaike.

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>>> this morning, in "today's" hollywood headlines jay-z leading the pack with the 2014 grammy nominations and hollywood remembers nelson mandela . so nice to see you.

>> nice to see you too. always good to see you.

>> always. there is this outpouring across the globe but a lot of people in hollywood weighing in their thoughts and feelings about the passing of nelson mandela and his contributions and some of the people who portrayed him.

>> everyone from morgan freeman to sidney portier have something to say. 7 million tweets about nelson mandela 's passing on thursday alone. 7 million.

>> just on thursday. also we should point out too there is a movie out about his life right now. idris elba is playing him in this film "mandela long walk to freedom."

>> he apparently saw the movie and gave it a thumb's up. idris is buzz for the oscar but right now. everyone says he definitely will get a nomination. they usually focus on one part of mandela's life but this gives awe broad overview.

>> i probably imagine more and more people given the circumstances will turn out to see it in theaters.

>> it opens on christmas. i think families will go in droves to see it.

>> at the film premiere on thursday night, two of nelson mandela 's daughters were at the premiere and that is when he they found out their dad had passed.

>> it is true but they asked them to continue play the film. i think that was important. it gave the people watching the movie a chance to celebrate his life and watch the movie.

>> we mentioned the grammy nominations. at a concert, jay-z is leading the pack. nine nominations. always a few big wins and a few snubs when it comes to nominations.

>> i don't know what happened, but best album of the year, justin timberlake 's not to be found. bruno mars, not nominated. i don't understand what happened.

>> you were a little surprised at lord you thought got snubbed at best new artist. i love this girl.

>> i do too. a great story and no one knew where she was and she is only 16 and dominating the charts. sarah berelis was shocked she was nominated. she took for twitter saying i never thought this would happen. i'm shaking and best birthday ever!

>> a lot to watch for.