TODAY   |  December 07, 2013

American girl could win ‘Arabs Got Talent’

An American singer is hitting a high note on one of the Middle East’s most popular reality TV shows, and while she may look out of place on stage, her voice is stealing the show. NBC’s Duncan Golestani reports.

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>>> an american singer is hitting a high note these days and stealing the show on one of the middle east most popular reality tv shows and tonight she could be crowned the winner after spending weeks facing off against the other contestants all while singing in a language she doesn't even understand! we have our reporter in cairo with more on her story. this is getting attention worldwide, duncan.

>> good morning, erica.

>> reporter: this show is huge and it's broadcast across the arab world and tonight tens of millions of people will sit down for the live final broadcast out of lebanon but cheering for a girl from massachusetts. shea is an all- american girl from boston who just might win a talent show in beirut. she is wowing the audiences in the arab world .

>> you were more brilliant than any person that i ever heard.

>> reporter: performing classic songs on " arab 's got talent."

>> reporter: it's just one catch. she barely understands a word of what she is singing.

>> when i want to learn a song, i hear a song i like aenlook up the lyrics online or i have a friend write them for me.

>> reporter: the 23-year-old music grad first learned how to sing arabic music in college. she was studying in morocco when she heard about the arab 's got talent auditions and decided to take the plunge. listeni [ speaking in foreign language ]

>> sorry?

>> what is your name?

>> jennifer .

>> reporter: at first, the audience laughed at jennifer .

>> reporter: then she won them over.

>> jennifer , jennifer , jennifer , jennifer , jennifer .

>> reporter: the judge tells her she sings better than most arab singers.

>> reporter: jennifer is so good, social media is full of theories she might actually be an arab pretending to be an american.

>> yeah. that is actually extremely flattering. of course, it's not true. i am american. i don't speak arabic, at least not the dialects that i sing in.

>> reporter: jennifer 's competition tonight with be arabian performers. her talent for playing this instrument, a complimented middle eastern instrument. here we go.

>> okay.

>> reporter: what do you think?

>> i don't know if you have a future in music.

>> reporter: you think picking your harsh judging. no talent here, i think. jennifer comes from a musical family but even they are stunned by her success.

>> she's an amazing young woman . we are really, really proud of her.

>> reporter: when jennifer steps out on the stage tonight, her family will be watching back home, along with tens of millions of viewers across the arab world rooting for this american girl . she sounds so good in arabic, it's absolutely incredible. jennifer told me whatever happens tonight, she already feels like a winner. erica.

>> such a great story. duncan, thanks.