TODAY   |  December 07, 2013

Will Gal Gadot make a good Wonder Woman?

Wonder Woman is coming to the big screen and its causing a stir online, with some wondering if Gadot is really the right woman for the job. TODAY’s Dylan Dryer reports.

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>>> a stir online. dylan is in the orange room with that. we can't have wonder woman without controversy, right?

>> there is always controversy and big films when they cast someone new in the roles around forever. batman versus super-man movie there was controversy when ben affleck was cast as batman. now gal gadot was in three of the "fast and furious" movies but compared to lynda carter . people have mixed reviews. some people think wonder woman should have had her own movie in the first place. go on our facebook page and tell us what you think.

>> why are they upset?

>> there is always controversy. you have your vision in your brain and, all of a sudden, it's somebody else and it's not you. you kind of get upset about it.

>> is this about you wanting to play wonder woman ?

>> take is what i was hoping for. i hope when i revealed it, my picture would come up, but no.

>> there is always halloween next year, right?

>> that's true.

>> it could work.

>> there are no things when there is controversy.

>> something to talk about. #controversy.