TODAY   |  December 07, 2013

Massive cold front grips much of the country

Deadly weather has gripped the U.S., cancelling flights and causing deaths. The cold weather is expected to continue, with snow and ice in the forecast. NBC’s Mark Potter and TODAY’s Dylan Dreyer report.

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>>> of cold and snow wreaking havoc across the country. at least ten people have been killed and there is another storm right behind this one. mark potter is in memphis this morning with the very latest. tough conditions there, mark. good morning.

>> reporter: good morning. because of the cold temperatures overnight and this is what i'm talking about, you can see and even hear the ice on these now brittle plants. memphis has had to change its weekend plans. it was scheduled to host a big marathon here with some 20,000 runners coming here to raise money for st. jude's hospital but because of the icy conditions overnight, they have had to cancel that race and several christmas parades have also been postponed. now, this early winter blast has been felt around the country starting out west in oregon, very heavy snows there and snarled traffic and caused traffic jams . in california, growers are now assessing whether there has been any apreshable damage to the citrus $12 billion crop, they have worked hard to protect. in the san francisco bay area , officials report finding four homeless people who died from hypothermia. in texas, freezing conditions there closed schools and businesses and left a 225,000 people without power at the dallas/ft. worth airport yesterday and 1,000 flights were canceled. in the midwest, ohio and other states suffering through heavy snow and arkansas has lots of slippery roads. overall, it's been a cold weather mess heading from coast-to-coast. it's also been dangerous, as you said. now ten confirmed deaths have been blamed on this storm . erica?

>> mark potter , thank you.

>>> dylan is back in new york this morning after spending the last several days out there in the elements essentially moving along with the storm . you're tracking the storm for us this morning and the ripple effect is enormous as well.

>> i don't know how i made it out of ft. smith, arkansas, yesterday. whiteout conditions and ice and somehow the crew deiced the plane and we made it out. we are seeing now the remnants of storm number one. there is going to be a second storm that i'll show you in a second. a few lighter showers and heavier downpours and here is the second storm . the snow is pretty intense across the highest elevations back in california. that is what is going to start moving eastward. we will see some snow in salt lake city through the day today. but then tomorrow morning , the snow fills in through the northern plains and then moves up into minneapolis and into the chicago area as well. watch what happens, though, by 10:00 p.m . on sunday, we are looking at snow in new york city city, however, it is going to change over to rain as we go into sunday night and monday. for today, though, we do have several winter storm warnings and the higher elevation moving into the rockies through the day today. and we are going to see the threat possibly in aspen 9 to 12 inches of snow . i want to show you what happens as we go through the rest of the weekend. we are going to see some moderate amounts of snow through the northern plains and western great lakes as we go into tomorrow morning . then we are going to see some ice. perhaps a tenth of an inch to a quarter of an inch from ohio to virginia even raleigh, north carolina could have a coating of ice. sunday night and monday the snow accumulates with as much as nine inches of know? especially in new england. we will watch it throughout the