TODAY   |  December 07, 2013

Recovery continues with optimistic jobs report

There are encouraging signs for the U.S. economy with the unemployment rate dropping to seven percent -- its lowest rate in five years. NBC’s Kristen Welker reports.

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>>> encourage encouraging news when it comes to the economy. the unemployment rate has turned to its lowest rate in five years. kristen welker has more.

>> reporter: the economy added 203,000 jobs in november. surprising some economists say, especially in the wake of the government shutdown and they say it could be an indication the recovery is about to take off, despite the political gridlock here in the nation's capital. neil bloomen that is all launched up this eye store three years ago in new york. these days he sees signs the economy is recovering.

>> we have more than doubled in sales and next year, we are planning to high about 150 people.

>> reporter: that hiring trend reflects what is happening throughout the country with news friday that employers added more than 200,000 jobs for each of the last four months. in november, many were good paying jobs. 40,000 in education and health care . 27,000 manufacturing jobs added. 17,000 construction jobs.

>> now we are getting consistent job reports plus 200 and that is positive and positive not only for the economy but it should be forpositive for people should start to feel generally better that conditions are, in fact, improving.

>> reporter: on closer look, the unemployment rate for adult men at 6.7%. for women, 6.2%. but the numbers are higher for african-americans and teenagers but they --

>> it's quite clear the u.s. economy pays attention to what washington is doing but this is an unpredictable business and makes it interesting but it makes it hard to know sort of what washington does in the next week, months, or year. what that means for sort of how much the economy can recover and at what rate.

>> reporter: while there may be political uncertainty, for the time being, there is only good news for those like recent college grad eddie christian who just landed his first job.

>> i look at this as sort of a career, not just a job.

>> reporter: now republicans and democrats are currently fighting over whether to extend unemployment insurance for millions of americans, but they are not fighting over whether there should be new tax cuts or spending hikes, which should also bode well for the recovery. erica.

>> kristen welker in washington this morning at the white house , thanks.