TODAY   |  December 06, 2013

Hillshire Farm donates to TODAY drive

The company celebrates its ninth year of partnership with TODAY, donating $200,000 worth of breakfast, lunch and dinner products to the drive.

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>>> on their way to children in orlando florida . leona lewis was gathering toys from our crowd.

>> there's families that can't afford a nutritious holiday meal so one of our great corporate friends is helping feed them. john, always good to see you.

>> good friend of ours here.

>> tell us about what you're doing again this year?

>> we're fortunate to be part of this. this is our tenth year of being part of the great today show toy drive. we'll be donating to commemorate this $200,000 worth of breakfast lunch and dinner products for families all over the country. jimmy dean , sara lee , everything so they have warm ftummies and hearts for the day ahead.

>> you do this all yearlong not just christmas time .

>> it's important to do it all yearlong as do you guys and it's a pleasure to be working with you on another successful year.