TODAY   |  December 06, 2013

Get rid of those doggone doggy odors

Sometimes man’s best friend emits foul scents. But dog trainer Andrea Arden says that such steps as consistent grooming and cleaning under your dog’s ear flap can make snuggling a lot more enjoyable.

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>>> one really wants to be around a stinky dog or human for that point.

>> what?

>> but for many pet owners -- not you.

>> oh.

>> for many pet owners this is a huge problem. so we brought in andrea arden to help us clear the air.

>> also with us, karen jones and her dog ruby. today amanda is here with murphy. her husband peter and she have two dogs, rambo and batman. let's start with ruby. i just heard the most terrible thing. ruby smells so bad you dress her up like a skunk sometimes.

>> is that dog torture.

>> there he is. what is ruby's problem? it's a skin issue.

>> she smells.

>> well, a lot of dogs do smell. so obviously make sure you talk to your vet to make sure there's no medical condition but you want to make sure you regularly shampoo and condition your dog's coat at an appropriate amount. the line is great and smells good. there's cool stuff like doggie lotion.

>> you have to smell this and you literally put it right on your dog's coat and rub it in.

>> does she ever go to a doggie spa.

>> she's never been to one of those.

>> and a little at home remedy.

>> apple cider vinegar and you take this and put it directly on the dog's coat.

>> cool. amanda , this is your parent's dog.

>> he is.

>> stinky ear issue.

>> smelly ears.

>> he's not going to bite me?

>> no, very friendly.

>> stinky ears is yeast and it's because, especially dogs with long floppy ears.

>> i smelled a little yeast. it didn't smell pretty, amanda .

>> it's not pretty.

>> one of the most important things you want to do is you hang out on the couch and let his ear flaps up and let the air circulate.

>> can you go like this?

>> not even a little bit.

>> but get yourself something really good like ear rinse and you can put it in the dog's ear.

>> and you're saying do not go inside the ear.

>> absolutely not.

>> peter and rambo.

>> we have bad stinky dog breath.

>> you're going real texas in this segment.

>> i am? we talk about stinky dogs down there in texas.

>> are we going to brush his teeth?

>> you need to brush their teeth at least once a week.

>> and willie you need to do it a little bit more than once a week.

>> dental hygiene is important. if a dog has bad teeth it could mean underlying conditions.

>> you also say we could use these types of -- maybe he doesn't want his teeth brushed.

>> if you have a dog with a problem with getting their teeth brushed, you want to give it to them.

>> these teeth are great.

>> let's move on to the most important problem.

>> this is a problem a lot off men have but dogs tend to have gas themselves too.

>> that means they tend to have more of a problem with this. dogs that eat very quickly tend to have this problem. so the green interactive feeder is a great problem. you put the food in there and it means it slows down their eating so they're not as likely to gulp air. another thing is activated charcoal in it.

>> but you say it's a treat with charcoal. you don't go into your fireplace and pull out coal.

>> absolutely not. it has to be the treats. and we have stains and odors in the house. urine finder. good cleaner is great and set to go.

>> we can't leave the cats out.

>> work this out. andrea, thank you so much. thank you all. good to see you guys. this is "today" on