TODAY   |  December 06, 2013

Get the skinny on cutting back on finger foods

“The Biggest Loser” chef Devin Alexander has some tips to help you enjoy the finger foods you love, on a smaller, healthier scale.

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>> a lot of you find yourselves going from party to party during the holidays and you may find yourself harder to resist the finger foods they put out.

>> luckily we have devon alexander that came up with skin any versions of our favorites to cut down on the calories.

>> i lost 70 pounds and kept it off for 20 years. you have to take the foods you love and make better versions of them.

>> i called you the biggest chef loser. biggest loser chef.

>> i was going to let that go.

>> happy holidays. chef loser.

>> you're going to make it healthier.

>> so these are baked baby bells . we just take this and press this out.

>> what is this?

>> this is whole wheat pizza dough. a lot of grocery store specialty stores have it and you literally stick it in and cover it up. you can do something pretty if you want.

>> that's it.

>> yes, that's it.

>> now i also -- you'll notice the seasoning, that's a garlic seasoning. if you wanted to do it with mar marinara sauce you could do it that way.

>> this is real crab with green onions and red pepper and put that in there.

>> what are we mixing it with?

>> a little bit of natural light mayonnaise and then give it a kick with hot sesame soil.

>> yeah.

>> so i put these on brown rice crisps because they're crispy. they taste like a fried cracker.

>> and they're gluten free.

>> yeah.

>> i love that you know that.

>> scoop it on and there you have it. i don't have a lot of time to slave over the stove. especially if you're doing a big party.

>> next, we have beef skewers. those are like 22 calories each.

>> what?

>> yes.

>> you can eat the whole plate.

>> here we go. it's japanese obviously. you just take this. really easy. now i mixed up ginger, green onions --

>> what kind of beef?

>> extra lean ground beef . it's only 150 calories for four ounces. and you make about two ounces here. literally just skewer them up and super simple.

>> and the dip you have with it?

>> that is a meso dressing you can buy. get a light one. be careful to read them.

>> bigs in a blanket.

>> i call these pigs in comforters.

>> i've never seen them that big.

>> they're only 145 calories. so you can eat the whole thing or you could cut them up and do them individually. here we have chicken sate. great party appetizer.

>> those are only 25 calories each. i use natural turkey bacon. you could use a center cut bacon if you want to indulge.

>> homemade chips are awesome.

>> if people want more tips they should go to my facebook page and of course visit your page.