TODAY   |  December 06, 2013

Are people’s smiles for the camera real or fake?

Reacting to the news about an app that can supposedly gauge a place’s happiness by how much its residents smile on social media, Willie Geist, Al Roker and guest anchor Jenna Bush Hager debate whether people are actually happy in those photos. Making their cases, Jenna and Al demonstrate their dazzling fake smiles.

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>>> we have a study to tell you about.

>> right off the bat --

>> we don't believe it.

>> note to the trending group, okay, we don't buy this. but let's go.

>> it's completely unscientific and a bunch of nonsense but here it comes. an iphone app says it can gather information about a local city by location by analyzing millions of photographs posted on on instagram.

>> they look to see if people are smiling.

>> is this a fake smile?

>> happy to be here.

>> or is this real? you'll never know.

>> so based on smiles like this one.

>> yeah.

>> jet pack decided what the happiest city in the country was and came up with st. louis.

>> which probably is.

>> i've been there. i don't know that it has anything to do with this.

>> no, of course it doesn't.

>> we have kansas city .

>> great barbecue.

>> columbus, ohio.

>> my brother-in-law lives there. that's why.

>> seven of the ten smilingest cities are in the midwest including detroit at number nine.

>> and then ironically, the least happy place , anaheim, california.

>> home of disney land .

>> i don't believe it.

>> come on.

>> aren't people smiling at disneyland.

>> they caught mickey on a bad day .

>> minnie was being a total --

>> hey.

>> this has been a waste of your time at home and we're happy to bring it to you.

>> we're going to give you the e-mail of every member of our trending group.

>> and again, shoot us a smile about how you feel about that story. true or