TODAY   |  December 06, 2013

Danny Devito, Rhea Perlman visit TODAY, with cake!

The couple stops by the show, along with Mara Wilson, the star of “Matilda,” to talk about the movie’s upcoming blu-ray release, 17 years after its debut.

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>> right now. right now. beat it. look, whatever it is, she's your problem now.

>> he's not acting a single bit. now a special blu-ray edition is out. this morning we have a minireunion. happy holidays .

>> thank you.

>> very, very excited about it.

>> it's fun. you guys did a little reunion.

>> we did. we released the blu-ray. it's so beautiful. it's excellent quality and we added a tea party to it. so we had miss honey 's tea party and rhea and i invited all the kids that were in the movie to come back to the tea party . this was just this summer and, you know, you -- it's amazing to see them all grown up.

>> yeah.

>> 18 years ago. you were what, 7 years old?

>> yeah, we filmed in the summer so i was seven when we started but 8 when we ended.

>> you actually looked to her and asked for input as a 7-year-old as a director.

>> all the kids had a lot to say.

>> they definitely did. keira.

>> yeah, all of them. they all had a lot to say what should go on and how it should be dealt with.

>> she's the sweetest woman imaginable.

>> she also came in for the reunion. we had it on the blu-ray. we put this edition on. it's cool.

>> one of the great scenes in the movie is when she forces the kid to eat all the chocolate cake . we have all the chocolate cake here. by the way, rhea you said you would dive into that one right over there.

>> that one.

>> you see.

>> you don't have to force me. not at all. tell me about the characters. rhea, wormwood.

>> miss wormwood. what did you like about her?

>> she is such a trip. i love her, you know? she is just bigger than life and she is -- she is just like -- she is so happy with her life, with her husband. with her family -- not her family. she doesn't care about her family. but her clothes. she loves her hair. she loves all important things.

>> so it wasn't much of a stretch.

>> but you guys used to love this book and you would actually act out the roles.

>> we read the book -- how we found the book was our daughters brought it into the house because they wanted to read a chapter book . so we started, you know, we read picture books to the kids and then we started reading chapter books. this is one of the first ones and we would act out. i would act out mr. wormwood and she would do mrs. wormwood.

>> we would do matilda.

>> there's a great message to this story. it's about empowerment and inclusion and embracing our differences as people.

>> yes. he was way ahead of the game and always speaking to kids.

>> they get it.

>> they do. it's the kids against the parents in a way. but it really resinates as a good lesson to rely on yourself even though there's adversity and things in your way.

>> i'm coming up to commercial. so i have to do this. thank you.

>> now, rhea, you're going to have to read this because i have a mouthful.

>> danny devito and rhea perlman , mara wilson thanks. we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.