TODAY   |  December 06, 2013

'Sound of Music' family has music in their blood

The Willis family, who auditioned and were chosen by TODAY viewers, says they’re a real-life version of the Von Trapp family made famous in the classic musical.

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>> in last night as carrie underwood lead the cast in a spectacular live version of the sound of music right here on nbc. that was an event that inspired us to search for today's sound of music family. and here they are ready to perform. the willis clan. they're from ashland city , tennessee. but first we'll tell you more about them.

>> we're the willis clan.

>> got any questions?

>> reporter: this singing, stomping, fiddling family from ashland city , tennessee is a lot like the real von trapps.

>> we get called that all the time.

>> reporter: from the signature roll call .

>> attention all kids in the living room.

>> you have to come up with systems and so on.

>> reporter: to their love of song and dance .

>> as we started having our family there was always an instrument around and the little ones were old enough to beat on a drum or shake on a shaker they were performing with us. that's how it started.

>> we started off with irish music and dance.

>> reporter: today they tour the nation lighting up audiences with a mix of folk songs , country and when asked, even a little sound of music . [ singing ]

>> the sound of music really influenced our family. it's a large family . it's similar. but also music and dance. but really, just love of life in general. we have a lot of fun no matter what we do.