TODAY   |  December 06, 2013

12 days of deals: This one’s for coffee lovers

In the second installment of Elizabeth Mayhew’s 12 Days of Christmas deals, get the Keurig VUE V600 Brewing System, which is 50 percent off with free shipping with a discount code you can find at

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>> you have to have an elf, danny devito is a good elf. more of our 12 days of christmas bargains. look who is here.

>> i'm going to give carson the ornament to symbolize. we have 12 deals only for today show viewers. so you have to go to and you're going to find amazing things that are 50 percent off or more. so today our deal is a coffee maker . it is the brand new vu. it's the v 600 from keurig. they went to people and said what are your issues? and people said we want to personalize it. it can make you coffee however you want. hotter, stronger, bigger. you name it. it's 50 percent off.

>> so what's the price?

>> the price, it originally is 139.99. today show viewers can go to for a special code and get it for 70 plus free shipping. it's an awesome deal and there's a lot of people here who i suggest get to their computers immediately.

>> and if you ask right now, danny devito will bring it to your house.

>> and it only lasts for 24 hours . you need to get going now.

>> people have issues with their coffee maker .

>> well, how they like it. it's all about personalizing it.

>> absolutely. got to be just perfect. coffee is important.

>> so i will be back on monday.

>> okay.

>> and just tune in about the same time for the surprise deal.