TODAY   |  December 06, 2013

Obama explains why he can’t use an iPhone

President Obama recently explained that he has to keep using his loyal Blackberry device because the security settings on the iPhone aren’t strong enough for him.  He also revealed that only 10 people know his personal e-mail address.

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>> has one but there's another am device he is not even allowed to use.

>> i am not allowed for security reasons to have an iphone. i have noticed that sash aa and and melia spend a lot of time on it.

>> the president is a famously loyal customer.

>> so why does the leader of the free world carry around a device from 2007 ? because the super secure blackberry is extremely difficult to hack into. the president also said that only 10 people have his personal e-mail address. i am one of them.

>> you are?

>> i asked him for it in an interview one day. he didn't think that was funny at all.

>> gmail.

>> nice. very nice.

>> and that is what's trending today.

>> well, coming up, did you