TODAY   |  December 06, 2013

Now you can strap your tot in front of an iPad

Toy manufacturer Fisher-Price has introduced a “Newborn-to-toddler app-tivity seat” that allows parents to strap their babies right in front of a mounted iPad.

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>>> right. well, this is interesting. it may be soft and comfy but a new baby seat is generating a fierce reaction from some parents. it's called newborn to toddler activity seat from fisher price . it allows you to strap in your baby just inches from a mounted ipad. the seat costs 80 bucks. that baby is clapping. it says babies can clay and learn using education apps but they fear parents will use it as a babysitter. fisher price says parent dos have the option of using the product without the ipad. this is the same thing people say about movies. my nieces, if they watch nemo one more time. that's the debate.

>> but i bet your nieces aren't strapped in.

>> when it's right here.

>> that baby has no choice.

>> but if you're putting educational things on it.

>> it's still the habit of having the visual right here and not engaging or reading a book.

>> are we not embracing technology? none of us still use the brick cell phone.

>> your baby starts ordering stuff from amazon.

>> i don't know. i don't know.

>> speaking of ipads, president obama has one but there's another