TODAY   |  December 06, 2013

The final nominees for Orange Room Awards are…

Carson Daly reveals the viral videos that made the final cut for the first-ever Orange Room Awards.

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>>> we're back at 7:51. let's check in with carson. what are you doing over there?

>> just taking notes.

>> working hard.

>> we were enjoying the twitter interview that matt had with the ceo and he mentioned the women he would like to see come to twitter. you have been sending us yours too. george clooney not on twitter yet. brian williams isn't on twitter.

>> he is on it but he doesn't tweet.

>> people want him to tweet more.

>> steven king was one of the good ones.

>> that's disturbing.

>> keep those coming. also want to mention the orange room awards, aka the orangies.

>> i don't like that name.

>> the window closes today at noon eastern. let's took at the nominees for the orangies.

>> man, you are eye candy .

>> it's in the -- a bun -- what does the